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Frequently Asked Questions

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For any further questions about Jeva, please email me

Jeva chooses not to use any of the above additives in the production of their oils and balms, we believe that the powerful ingredients within our products will provide better results without these additives.

Yes, all of the products made by Jeva are suitable for vegans.

At Jeva, we endorse that you do a 24 hour patch test on your skin to see if a reaction occurs. We use essential oils in all of our products. 

Although it has never been reported with the use of any of Jeva’s products, we recognise that some very sensitive skin types may have a reaction to some essential oils so recommend a patch test if you know that your skin is prone to reacting to new substances.

With type #1 – #2 hair, Jeva appreciates that their Hair Growth oil can be used effectively as a hot oil treatment prior to a shampoo for a soft, shiny outcome. 

For curlier textures, use as much or as little of the Hair Growth oil needed for best results from your hair. Get to know what your hair likes and responds best to.

This product is deliciously rich and creamy and can be used directly on the skin as a beautiful moisturiser which can also be effective in healing minor skin irritations. 

When used on the scalp for dermatological problems, avoid the hair strands if your hair is type #1 – #2 and prepare to use it on a day when you are indoors. With curlier type  #3b – #4c hair textures a little goes a long way and is best used to seal in moisture when applied to wet hair, creating beautifully hydrated twist outs.

At Jeva, we recommend that our oils and balms be used only on children above 3 years old because the essential oils which we use in them may not be suitable for younger skins. Again, we recommend a patch test to ensure that our product is suitable for each individual child.

Up to 2kg, postage & packaging within the UK is £4.69. 

Packages being shipped to any other country, will be based on the weight and charge for that particular country.

Unless we contact you with a specific change in your delivery time, Jeva endeavours to ship your package within 5-10 working days.

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